Marriage Matters 

Personalised marriage assistance to fit your lifestyle, philosophy and spirituality.

About Michelle Walker

Michelle has been a Marriage Officer since 1994 so she’s done some mileage and has a fair amount of experience. She named her business Marriage Matters because of her conviction that a working and loving relationship with your spouse causes a ripple effect influencing your children, friends, neighbours, colleagues and your community. Her 39 years of a working and loving relationship with Mark her husband ended when death parted them in 2015.

Her style is based on authenticity, inclusivity and fun. So when she helps you create your ceremony she will invite you to bring your values, beliefs and dreams to the table. She understands that she cannot get to know you even if you were to have 3 consultations so she welcomes the idea that those who know you well, participate too. Whilst marriage is a solemn occasion it is also a joyful one so she tries to relax each couple with the reassurance that she can and will be their guide throughout.


How can I help?

I offer both Legal & Non-Legal Ceremonies that are tailor-made to fit your individual needs. If there is another scenario that isn’t mentioned below, please contact me and so we can work together to make your dream a reality.

Non-Legal Ceremony

You may have got married in another country/ province and now you want to celebrate your wedding with family and friends


You went to Home Affairs to get married and now need to replace that memory with another

Legal Signing

I come to your venue because you have an officiant who does not have a Marriage Licence


You want to have your marriage legalised in the comfort of your own home so that you can begin a process of Immigration


You’re having a wedding on Saturday and want the legal stuff done. If you require this option please remember your anniversary day will be the date you sign the Marriage Register. (or you can celebrate on both days every year!)


You don’t want a fuss or big expense so you invite two mates(witnesses) for a braai and a wedding

Renewal of Marriage Vows

A way to celebrate special anniversaries


Your marriage has gone through some rough times and you both feel the need to go back to basics


You want to see if you still fit into your wedding dress/ suit

The process to the ‘I DO’ moment…

  • Decide on your date and venue     
  • Contact me to check for availability and fee     
  • Complete the form I will send to you so that I can begin to guide you through the legal requirements     
  • If this is your second marriage please contact ANY Home Affairs branch (the smaller branches answer their phones) to confirm your marital status OR try 0800601190     
  • If you wish to meet with me either virtually or over a coffee, set it up     
  • I will help you craft a ceremony that reflects who you are and any other wishes you have     
  • The conversation continues via email or phone until the day before your wedding     
  • Make payment within the month of your date     
  • Do your hair, brush your teeth and remember to wear matching socks (or not) and arrive…     
  • “I DO” 

Within a week I will visit Home Affairs in Barrack Street, Cape Town to submit the proof of your “I DO’s”.

The Legal Stuff

Getting married is so exciting! Flowers, music, food, dress, cake, suit……

But get the legal stuff done first so that you can proceed with peace of mind about the registration of your marriage at Home Affairs.

Good to know:

  • I can certify all your documents if I see the original
  • You will be married in Community of Property (by default) unless you draw up a marriage contract BEFORE you get married. I can refer you to an excellent attorney who happens to share my name. Your attorney will give you a letter of confirmation that you have signed a contract which will be handed to Home Affairs when your marriage is registered along with all your other documentation.
  • On the day of your wedding I will issue you with an Abridged Marriage Certificate. Only Home Affairs can issue Unabridged Marriage Certificates so you will need to pay them a visit if you require one. Foreigners can apply at the South African Embassy in their home country after the wedding.

So what documentation will you need……?


  • Certified copies of your South African IDs (*passports and driver’s licences are not accepted if you are South African)
  • Certified copies of witness’s IDs ( *)
  • 3 X colour ID photos
  • Where applicable a Final Divorce Decree/ Death Certificate. If you have previously been married it is your responsibility to check with Home Affairs to confirm your marital status as sometimes divorces and deaths have not been captured on the Population Register.


  • Your Marriage Officer will need to write an Introductory Letter for you to take to a Immigration Officer who will interview you and issue the Marriage Officer with the written outcome.
  • A Letter of Non-Impediment must be acquired from the country of origin. Both the original and a translated copy if it is written in any other language. Please note the UK do not issue these letters but you will still need to request such a letter from the Embassy (? I know). The UK foreigner will then need to produce a sworn affidavit stating their status.
  • The foreigner must produce a certified copy of their picture page of Passport, the page with the last custom entry stamp and visa.
  • 3 X colour ID photos
  • South African partner needs to produce certified copy of ID (*)
  • Two witnesses to produce certified IDs
  • Where applicable a Death Certificate/ Final Divorce decree. The foreigner also needs a sworn affidavit and the South African to check marital status with Home Affairs.


  • Both must produce an original Letter of Non-Impediment and a translated copy into English if necessary
  • Copies of their picture page in passport, last entry customs stamp and visa
  • Where applicable Death certificate/ Final Divorce Decree with Apostille stamp and translated into English where necessary. Also both must acquire sworn affidavits
  • 3 X colour ID photos


Reach Me


Cape Town, Western Cape


+27 (0)82 571 0226