How can I help?

I offer both Legal & Non-Legal Ceremonies that are tailor-made to fit your individual needs. If there is another scenario that isn’t mentioned below, please contact me and so we can work together to make your dream a reality.

Non-Legal Ceremony

You may have got married in another country/ province and now you want to celebrate your wedding with family and friends


You went to Home Affairs to get married and now need to replace that memory with another

Legal Signing

I come to your venue because you have an officiant who does not have a Marriage Licence


You want to have your marriage legalised in the comfort of your own home so that you can begin a process of Immigration


You’re having a wedding on Saturday and want the legal stuff done. If you require this option please remember your anniversary day will be the date you sign the Marriage Register. (or you can celebrate on both days every year!)


You don’t want a fuss or big expense so you invite two mates(witnesses) for a braai and a wedding

Renewal of Marriage Vows

A way to celebrate special anniversaries


Your marriage has gone through some rough times and you both feel the need to go back to basics


You want to see if you still fit into your wedding dress/ suit