About Michelle Walker

Michelle has been a Marriage Officer since 1994 so she’s done some mileage and has a fair amount of experience. She named her business Marriage Matters because of her conviction that a working and loving relationship with your spouse causes a ripple effect influencing your children, friends, neighbours, colleagues and your community. Her 39 years of a working and loving relationship with Mark her husband ended when death parted them in 2015.

Her style is based on authenticity, inclusivity and fun. So when she helps you create your ceremony she will invite you to bring your values, beliefs and dreams to the table. She understands that she cannot get to know you even if you were to have 3 consultations so she welcomes the idea that those who know you well, participate too. Whilst marriage is a solemn occasion it is also a joyful one so she tries to relax each couple with the reassurance that she can and will be their guide throughout.