The process to the ‘I DO’ moment…

  • Decide on your date and venue     
  • Contact me to check for availability and fee     
  • Complete the form I will send to you so that I can begin to guide you through the legal requirements     
  • If this is your second marriage please contact ANY Home Affairs branch (the smaller branches answer their phones) to confirm your marital status OR try 0800601190     
  • If you wish to meet with me either virtually or over a coffee, set it up     
  • I will help you craft a ceremony that reflects who you are and any other wishes you have     
  • The conversation continues via email or phone until the day before your wedding     
  • Make payment within the month of your date     
  • Do your hair, brush your teeth and remember to wear matching socks (or not) and arrive…     
  • “I DO” 

Within a week I will visit Home Affairs in Barrack Street, Cape Town to submit the proof of your “I DO’s”.